Choice for edge

A *

¾" top

B *

¾" top


¾" top

* Edge not available in Wire Brushed finish

Choice for apron


Straight apron 3"
Distance from the edge: 2"

8 *

Straight traditional apron 3"
Distance from the edge: 2"

* Apron not available in Wire Brushed finish

Choice for table type


Leg table


Pedestal table


Leg table with self-storage

Choice for legs

* Leg not available in Wire Brushed finish

Choice for pedestal

Birch Pedestals







Metal Pedestals


B = raw
N = black


S = stainless shiny


P = powder coat black


B = raw
N = black
C = chrome

Acrylic Pedestal


V = clear acrylic

Choice for wood finish

Birch - Stain Finish

Our stained finish is hand wiped to accentuate the natural wood grain.

Birch - Wire Brushed Finish

This finish, which has 10% sheen, gives a unique vintage look. A gritty sand paper is used to create multiple parallel lines, all fine and shallow, to enhance the timeless beauty of solid wood. Not available on all pieces.

Birch - Chamois Finish

The Chamois finish creates a rich, smooth, shimmering feel without any distressing. It is the perfect finish to enhance different shades and patterns of wood grain.

Birch - Artisan Finish

The Artisan finish has the same characteristics of the stain rustic, but it is spray by water for the chamois effect and have no burnishing around the table edge.

Birch - Rustic Finish

A hand wiped stain that represents the hardships of time with dispersed chain marks, wormholes, metal scoring, hand brushed stain and glazing on a knotted furniture top. The edges are worn, darkened and rasped.

Birch - Opaque Finish

Not available for chairs 5530 & 5531 and stools 85530.

Table T442

Expression Collection (top ¾")

  • 40" x 60" x 80" x 100"
  • Seats 6 to 10 people
  • Self-storage available

The number of seats might vary with legs or pedestal selection as well as the chairs choice.